Anton Widjaya on the disastrous consequences of Indonesian Palm oil plantations

Palm oil is found in a multitude of everyday products, including foods and cosmetics. Anton Widjaya, director of the anti-palm oil cultivation advocacy group, Walhi, recently visited Germany to spread awareness of the realities of Indonesian palm oil cultivation. Widjaya spoke at an event hosted by Friends of the Earth, urgewald, Robin Wood und FACING FINANCE on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.  Later that week, he sat with our Die Zeit correspondent, Jenni Roth, to discuss the consequences of the palm oil industry for people and the environment.

Most notably, Widjaya stresses that Europe should step back from the unsustainable use of palm oil for biofuels as this exacerbates current demand and intensifies the problems that many Indonesians are currently facing, including forced land acquisitions, deforestation, hunger, poverty, and environmental destruction.

You can read the full interview (in German) Here.

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