European companies profit at the expense of Indian workers in the shoe and leather industry

Leather shoes Source: Pixabay, fudowakira0

Leather shoes
Source: Pixabay, fudowakira0

Wages that are linked to the number of units produced and that are below those needed to survive; overtime due to high production pressures; inadequate work and health protection measures; weak or even non-existent trade   ... →

Are Samsung and LG & Co. manipulating the power consumption of TV sets?


SAMSUNG CES2015 SUHD TV Highlight Zone

Research by the US Environmental Protection Agency NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) has shown that the electricity consumption of television sets manufactured by Samsung, LG and Vizio as measured by official energy   ... →

Sampoerna Agro: Indonesian Palm Oil producer fined for rainforest destruction

Für Palmöl gerodeter Regenwald, Quelle: flickr, © H Dragon

Rainforest destroyed for palm oil, Quelle: flickr, © H Dragon

In a court decision of August 2016, the Indonesian court in Jakarta sentenced the Indonesian palm oil producer Sampoerna Agro to the highest ever penalty for illegal slash and burn   ... →

German companies profiting from rising tensions in the South China Sea:

ype 054A frigate (Jiangkai II-class)

Type 054A frigate (Jiangkai II-class) © Wikipedia

According to the German Handelsblatt, German companies along with French and British arms exporters are providing engines and other defence equipment to both sides of the conflict in the South China Sea, including   ... →

Abuse of migrant workers in Thai Chicken production


Cover des Finnwatch-Berichts “Employment available in exchange for debt”

The four major companies producing broiler chicken in Thailand have been shown to violate labour rights in the production facilities. The companies Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL, Laemthong Corporation Group, Centaco Group   ... →

Nestlé, Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland: child slavery in Cote D’Ivor case


Kinder werden in der Kakao-Ernte eingesetzt, Quelle: Vimeo

As Facing Finance reported in January of this year, six former child slaves who had been trafficked from Mali to Cote D’Ivoire filed a suit against Nestlé, Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill,

  ... →

Financial sectors’ association with human rights abuses of asylum seekers in Australia

Blick in das Manus Island Detention Centre, Quelle: Wikipedia

Manus Island Detention Centre, source: Wikipedia

A new report released by the Human Rights Law Centre and partners, details the extent of financial sector involvement in companies associated with human rights abuses in Australia’s offshore detention centres (ODC’s).

It draws   ... →